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You know your from Puyallup if......

- You know which theater is The Cheap Theater.
- You've been to an asian-owned "happy" restraunt.
- When someone tells you to meet them at Decoursey Park, you ask "which one?"
- You know who Two-Step Joe is (also known as Back-step Eddie).
- You're always within a mile radius of a housing development under construction.
- You hate Bethel High School, for one reason or another.
- You know which high school to go to if you want an STD.
- You curbstomp people for mispronouncing Puyallup, or at least you think about it.
- You see a kid from a different school at your local park, and automaticaly yell at them to get off your turf and go back to Decoursey/Gem Heights/The Recycling Center.
- You're aware of the fact that there's always a Starbucks close by.
- You're guilty of late-night park-loitering/duck-feeding.
- You actually have half a clue about how to get to Emerald Ridge.
- You constantly find yourself bored off your ass.
- You've attended skate nights.
- Going bowling and going to see a movie are always the two things that pop into you're head when you and your friends are bored.
- You know you're screwed when Mount Rainier blows up, even if you do follow the evacuation signs.
-When you're bored, you go to the mall for fun and see about 50 people you know.
-You've heard of the District-Wide Elementary School Track Meet
- you've made money off of fair parking!
-You know where the Park is that has been "in process" for like 20 years...
-You hate how good Curtis is at EVERYTHING!
-You know where the "Old Safeway" is, and you give people directions from there.
-you know that going on meridian from 128th to 112th will take you anywhere from a half to a full hour.
-One of your favorite Fair activities include eating Krusty Pups and deep fried Twinkies and Earthquake Burgers whilst sitting on a Footsie
-You're not all that impressed by the Meeker Mansion.
-Either you or someone you know has been hypnotized by Travis Fox
-You know who Travis Fox is.
-You still call Macys the Bon Marche, or just "The Bon"
-You have at least one smelly friend who is almost always from Forest Green
-You know all the shortcuts to avoid 94th and Meridian during rush hour.
-You know all the nicknames for the junior high schools...i.e "ferrucci hoochies"...ect

No one has updated here for quite sometime, so I juss thought I would share this with you all! I actually dont live in Puyallup anymore! lol. Im currently residing in Lacey at Saint Martins University!! Its awesome! Okay well good bye! :)
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